Whether you are an injured rider or cyclist, a professional racer with contractual issues, a

Alessandro Assanti

Alessandro Assanti, Attorney at Law

business or dealership with litigation issues, our attorneys are prepared to protect and serve you or your business, anywhere in California or in the Federal Court system, throughout the United States, via Pro Hac Vice. If we cannot assist you, we will help find counsel that can.

Since 1995, we have successfully helped hundreds of injured riders, professinal racers, racing organizations, sanctioning bodies, track day organizations, companies and dealerships with their legal matters. We have also obtained well over $65,000,000.00 in compensation for clients who have been injured in motorcycle, bicycle and auto accidents, through verdicts and settlements.

Since the late 1970’s the firm’s senior counsel has been an avid motorcyclist.  Racing motocross at an early age in Colorado, Alessandro Assanti has gone to compete in AMA Supermoto and the AMA Superbike Events.  Most notably, Assanti competed in the WERA West Series, becoming the first over 40 year old to sweep all the big bike pro-am classes, in 2007 (Formula 1, A Superbike, A Superstock and Formula 40 HVT).  The next year, Assanti successfully defended the WERA West Superbike title and along the way winning two WERA Superbike National Events (2008 Miller Motorsports Park and 2008 Las Vegas, Classic).

Alessandro Assanti, 2008 AMA Event, Cal Speedway

Alessandro Assanti, 2008 AMA Event, Cal Speedway

In addition to testing numerous aftermarket parts for companies in the motorcycling markets, most notable, in 2007 and 2008, Assanti assisted in testing traction control systems that were developed by Bazzaz Performance Design, and used by the Jordan Motorsport’s AMA Superstock Race Team.

Today, Assanti is an avid cyclist.  The firm proudly represents professional cyclists, teams, distributors and aftermarket parts manufacturers in that industry as well.

Avid cyclist and intricate understanding of bicycle laws and rules of the road.

Avid cyclist, Assanti intricately understands of bicycle laws and rules of the road.

Assanti knows, on a personal basis, some of the industries best prepared, most knowledgeable and experienced experts who consult and offer their expertise in the proper operation of motorcycling and bicycling or the failure of critical parts responsible for the mechanism of injury.  The ability to access these experts on a moments notice, the experience both from a practical and legal standpoint of motorcycling and bicycling gives the firm a better understanding of all aspects of representing the client who was been the victim of an accident while operating a motorcycle or bicycle.  In sum, we just do not pretent to be understanding of how a motorcyclist suffers-we ride; we live it, love it and actually do it.  Credability is a must with jurors, and so should it be with our clients.

Alessandro Assanti #179, Pro Main, Qualified on Front Row

Alessandro Assanti #179, 2010 Peris Pro Main, Qualified on Front Row

Assanti is one of only two motorcycle trial attorneys in the country with a professional motorcycling background.  This experience is also instrumental in understanding the dynamics of riding procedure, braking, accelaration, handling and accident avoidance.  This knowledge is essential in immediately assessing the possiblity of recovery and what evidence must be gathered to best protect the client and maximise his or her probabilities of prevailing.

We are always available to speak with you about your matter and the initial consultation is free.  Please browse our website, and observe some of the relationships we have fostered over the years, and the expertise we hold in this specific type of injury or problem based upon two wheels.

2007 WERA West Championship Winning Team

2007 WERA West Championship Winning Team

** Please know that each and every case has a unique set of facts, circumstances and coverage.  Therefore we cannot guarantee the outcome of your matter.

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