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Can I Receive Injury Compensation for my Hit and Run Accident?

In many cities across the United States, hit and run accidents are on the rise. In fact, in Los Angeles, California, nearly half of every collision that occurred in the city involved a driver who fled the scene. In the most recent studies done in 2011, an astounding 1,449 people were killed in these irresponsible and devastating accidents. 60% of all hit-and-run fatalities have pedestrians as victims. One of the biggest problems? Alcohol. Drivers who drive drunk at the wheel are more likely to lose control, and this has become a major contributing factor in these accidents.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents: Statistics, Laws, Reasons, and More

Throughout the United States, pedestrian-related accidents remain one of the most serious and deadly. Unfortunately, we are not at a loss of these accidents - many happen every day, every year, with 5,000 being killed each year and another 64,000 injured. This means that they account for 11% of all motor vehicle-related fatalities. On average, the statistics show that a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every eight minutes, many of which are due to driver negligence. Most of them tend to occur in urban areas versus rural. (1) In California, pedestrian accidents happen all the time, for many reasons. Now you can find out more about these dire accidents and the laws regarding them.

How many people are killed or hurt in bike crashes?

From head-on collisions involving two trucks to pedestrian accidents, traffic collisions take many forms. However, in Orange County, and across all parts of California, bicyclists face a particularly high risk of suffering an injury or being killed when they take to the road. If you are a bicyclist, or one of your loved ones rides a bike, it may be helpful to realize just how many bicyclists pass away and suffer injuries each year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates show that 494,000 went to an emergency room after sustaining an injury while riding their bicycle in 2013. Tragically, more than 900 bicyclists lost their lives during the same year in the United States alone. In addition to these devastating consequences, bicycle accidents can also be financially devastating. Information that was taken from 2010 shows that bike crashes cost $10 billion in terms of lost productivity and lifetime health care expenses.

Understanding Your Rights Under Health Insurance Subrogation

When you have been injured in a personal injury case, you may have heard about something known as subrogation or reimbursement . A question that many people have is this: Should I have to pay my health insurance company from my settlement money? Subrogation, in a nutshell, is when a person's health insurance company makes a claim for a portion of the settlement payment. It is a very confusing issue for those who have been injured in an accident. After your case is finished and you have received settlement, subrogation acts as a way for the insurance company to seek reimbursement for payments made on your behalf from the responsible party.

The Ins and Outs of Prop 213 and What it Means for Your Accident

Years ago, voters in California passed a bill known as Proposition 213, or Prop 213, which states that uninsured drivers do not get to collect an award of pain and suffering even if the accident is not their fault. However, this does not affect the passengers involved in the accident. Despite the fact that you may be banned from general damages under this law, you can still collect compensation for medical bills and expenses incurred from your injuries. The reason? It is believed that, if you are acting negligently and driving without insurance, you should not obtain damages for pain and suffering.

Statistics illustrate the dangers of cycling

No matter how careful you are, riding your bicycle on the roadways of California comes with risks. Many of these stem directly from the actions of people in the vehicles around you, and your vulnerability is only somewhat lessened by protective gear. The team at A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., have provided legal assistance to many cyclists who have fallen victim to a car crash.

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, the most recent statistics available show that there were 818 bicyclist fatalities in the United States in 2015, which was over 12 percent higher than the previous year. You are more likely to be involved in a crash if you are male, since only 13 percent of the people killed were female. Only 37 of the deaths were children under the age of 15. Data indicates that the description of a typical victim would be a helmetless male over the age of 16 who is not alcohol impaired.

Important California bike laws to know

Bicycling is a fun pastime and a great alternative form of transportation to driving, but bikers must follow traffic laws too. Without knowing and obeying these laws, you may face penalties without even realizing you were in the wrong. These laws also greatly increase your safety. Here are three important bike laws to understand:

How many car crashes are caused by defective brakes?

Motor vehicle collisions have all sorts of causes, including intoxicated driving, distracted driving and drowsy driving. However, there are other factors that may result in a fatal motor vehicle accident, which people may overlook. For example, defective brakes and other vehicle-related problems can lead to a deadly traffic accident. Sadly, many lives have been lost and scores of people have suffered debilitating injuries because of defective auto parts.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 10,000 motor vehicle accidents were caused by defective brakes between 2005 and 2007. However, there are other vehicle-related problems that contributed to traffic accidents during this time period, such as tire problems, which caused an estimated 15,000 wrecks. Engine, suspension, steering and transmission issues also contributed to the number of motor vehicle accidents that occurred throughout this timeframe.

Risky rider behavior is a top factor in fatal crashes

Motorcycles give riders a feeling of freedom that isn't felt anywhere else. However, high speeds and the open road can make accidents particularly dangerous for people on two wheels. With freedom comes responsibility, and riders should take it upon themselves to be aware of risks on the road. What should riders know about the latest danger?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,976 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available. This number represents an 8.3 percent increase in deaths from 2014. Motorcyclists are now 29 times more likely to die in a crash than a passenger in a car.

Recovering from a motorcycle crash

On this blog, different examples of traffic crashes have been provided, such as bicycle accidents. However, you may face a particularly high risk of becoming injured or even killed if you ride a motorcycle in a busy area. At A.G. Assanti & Associates, we understand how devastating these crashes can be for people who pass away or are hurt in Orange County. As a result, it is essential for you to keep an eye out whenever you take to the road on a motorcycle.

While riding a motorcycle, bicycle, moped or scooter, you may be struck by a vehicle for many reasons. For example, a driver may be operating while under the influence of alcohol or after taking drugs that leave them unable to drive safely. Moreover, they may be suffering from fatigue or distracted, to name just a few of the causes of traffic accidents.

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