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Most common causes of motorcycle injuries

Even with all the safety precautions taken, riding a motorcycle is dangerous. From the neglect of other drivers, to dangerous road conditions, there are many potential causes to bike accidents. Recently, motorcycle website Ride Apart put together a list of the most common causes of bike crashes. Listed below, we examine them, as well as ways to help prevent them and ensure your safety on the road.

The basics of lane-splitting

Motorcycle riders have been “lane splitting” probably since the motorcycle was invented. However, since California became the first state to formalize the practice last year, a larger emphasis has been placed on safely lane splitting.

Safety tips for motorcyclists

Even though it may seem that summer is almost over, we still have over a month and a half until the fall equinox, which means more warm weather, and with it, more bikers on roads and highways. As both experienced and novel riders know, safety is paramount when riding, as a small mistake can be costly--even deadly.

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