Intersections are perhaps one of the most dangerous spots for bicyclists; in fact, out of all accidents happening between bicycles and vehicles, 45% occur there. The reason why so many of these accidents occur is because cyclists have very little visibility in these situations or a lack of understanding on the rules of the road. It is extremely important to learn the basic legal rules of liability if you have been injured in one of these serious accidents because you do not want to be deemed responsible for your accident and have to pick up the pieces in regards to your injuries. Here are some ways that you can work to avoid bike accidents at intersections:

  • Increase visibility of the bike and cyclist in any way
  • Be on the lookout at all times
  • Ride defensively
  • Learn about emergency maneuvers on your bicycle

Building a Claim

When you have been involved in a bicycling accident, the first thing you should always do is take action at the scene, just as you would if you were injured in an automobile accident. Always receive information from anyone involved and refrain from discussing fault. Speak to witnesses and gather information and get medical treatment for your injuries.

Next, you want to take photographs of the scene including broken pieces from your bicycle and your injuries. Look for broken pavement that you may have ridden over and take the best notes as possible that will detail your account. This can help make your claim due to the information alone. Motorists sometimes perceive bicycle accidents as something "lesser" than automobile accidents, and this is not true. A bicycle accident can be extremely serious and create many issues in your life, which is why it should always be treated seriously. Call us today for more information on how we can help you after you have been injured in an accident.