Evidence gathering should be done immediately or as soon as possible because evidence becomes less trustworthy as time goes on. It changes, witnesses forget or move away, injuries heal, etc. A. G. Assanti & Assoc., PC has many experienced professionals, engineers and accident reconstructionists who can be dispatched immediately.

Civil LitigationFor example, in some cases, the need to place the motorcycle or bicycle in a storage facility is essential, so it can be properly inspected, measured and photographed. This will preserve evidence for trial or settlement. This also prevents the insurance company from making allegations of evidence tampering or questioning liability based upon unreliable evidence. This immediate attention to detail has helped us win many cases.

Evidence gathering also involves taking recorded statements of crucial witnesses. At times, it is a race to get to the witnesses before the insurance company. If you do not have aggressive representation with the ability to act quickly to gather evidence, insurance companies also have investigators who are gathering evidence, and often times will have the upper hand on performing a full investigation even prior to the cyclist retaining counsel.

Ambulance"I was seriously injured by a huge car hauler truck while I was lane splitting on my motorcycle. The company's lawyers denied my claim and refused to pay for my injuries and motorcycle. Mr. Assanti was very familiar with my motorcycle and the proper riding procedure. He was able to show that I had adequately established myself in the lane where I was initially hit. Jose Lopez*

*Disclosure: this is a client's statement, not a guarantee of any particular outcome since every case differs.