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Founding attorney Alessandro Assanti started our law firm to help victims of motorcycle, bicycle and motor vehicle accidents as well as assist professional racers and organizations in the motorcycle industry protect their best interests.

We have decades of experience handling personal injury cases and providing legal services to professional racers. At our law firm, you will receive the personal attention you deserve from a legal team that truly understands your situation and the challenges you face.

Background Of Our Founding Attorney


Alessandro Assanti is the only personal injury lawyer in the country who has a professional racing background. He started racing motocross as a child and has competed in many motocross and Superbike races. In fact, Alessandro was the first individual over the age of 40 to sweep all the big bike pro-am classes in 2007. In addition to Alessandro’s personal racing and motorcycle experience, he is an avid cyclist.

We understand the dynamics of riding and racing motorcycles and bicycles. We know you have a passion for riding because we have it, too. Alessandro has extensive experience working with companies in the motorcycle and cycling industries. He has tested many motorcycle parts and knows the different ways parts can contribute to your safety on the road and on the race track.

Alessandro truly understands what you are going through after you have been in an accident because he’s been there, too.

One of the biggest personal injury cases our law firm has handled involved one of our own. Alessandro was injured in a serious motorcycle accident several years ago and has undergone 20 surgeries and procedures to try and repair the damage.

We Know What Steps To Take

This experience gives us a unique insight into your case. We know exactly how insurance companies view claims filed after a motorcycle or bicycle accident. We have the experience and knowledge required to gather and preserve evidence in your case as well as collect and categorize current and future medical expenses. We know what to look for because we have been through this before.

To learn more about Alessandro, please click on the link below.

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We represent clients in Orange County, California, and beyond. To see how our law firm can assist you, call us at 800-440-1928 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

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