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Dear Fellow Motorcyclists:

Happy New Year and Happy New Law! Below is the new law that affects motorcycle license.

The bill would give experienced motorcycle riders the opportunity to take a course better fitted to their skill level and to waive the motorcycle driving test instead of taking the novice level course that can take three days to complete.

Motorcycle Training Courses (AB 1027, Acosta):

This law authorizes the DMV to accept a certificate of satisfactory completion of any motorcyclist-training program approved by the California Highway Patrol in lieu of the required motorcycle skills test. Applicants for an original motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement under 21 years of age continue to be required to complete a novice motorcyclist-training program.

Existing Law:

  • Authorizes DMV to accept a certificate of satisfactory completion of a novice motorcyclisttraining program approved by the CHP in lieu of a driving test for applicants applying for amotorcycle license.
  • Authorizes CHP to adopt standards for a novice motorcycle rider training course and apremier motorcyclist training program, as specified.
  • Requires a person under 21 years of age to show proof of completion of a motorcyclist safetytraining program administered by CHP before receiving a motorcycle license.

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