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You may be surprised to find that many motorcycle accidents can be easily prevented by following simple safety tips and not putting yourself at risk. One of the things that you must understand, if you ride motorcycle, is that the consequences of these very serious accidents can be quite severe. According to the federal government in 2006, there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than there were from automobiles. Those working in emergency departments understand that motorcycle accidents are constantly occurring on the roadways because they see the aftermath of many of these incidents.

By paying closer attention to safety, motorcycle accidents can be prevented. This means that both motorcyclists and automobile drivers must be aware of the accidents that can happen so quickly, right before their very eyes. If you are a motorcycle rider, you may like the sound of “living on the edge,” but one can do so safely. Learn the safety tips and stay alive, no matter what the season.

Motorcycle Tips Explained

Ride with those who you know and trust. You may think this is cut and dry, but you never know when you could become mixed up in a group of motorcyclists who do not take safety seriously. In this case, they may tend to show off and may not understand how to handle their bike depending on the situation. This is why you should always ride with people who you know and trust to be safe.

Do not blend in with the roadways. By wearing brown and black apparel, others will not be able to see you. Many motorcycle companies offer neon and bright colors that will help you be seen.

Do not ride when you are exhausted. You should never ride tired and remember to stop every 75-125 miles. As a rider, you will learn to understand your tolerance and, in the end, it will prevent an accident from occurring. Refresh yourself and your brain by stopping when needed, and to stretch occasionally.

Use a method known as “outside, inside, outside.” When you are taking on a treacherous curve, you should always remember to start at the outside of your lane, move to the inside part of the curve, and then bring your motorcycle back to the outside. This will straighten out the curve.

Keep an eye out for semi-trucks or dangerous drivers. Always be seen in a driver’s mirror so that they are well aware that you are there. By riding alongside a large truck, you may fall victim to wind turbulence. Other drivers will also not be able to see your motorcycle because they are such small vehicles.

Make sure that you wear your helmet. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can reduce the incidence of a head injury in the event of an accident. If your helmet does not meet the standards of the Department of Transportation, you may be injured or killed in an accident. Also remember that it is illegal in many states to ride without a helmet. (1)

The safety tips are out there – now it’s your turn to listen. By keeping safety in mind, you could greatly reduce the event of an accident that could cause you serious and debilitating injuries, or claim your life in severe cases. Give us a call today if you have fallen victim in a motorcycle accident. We will help you every step of the way.


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