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Bicyclists have rights in California. Unfortunately, motorists do not always recognize these rights and put cyclists at risk for being seriously injured in an accident. At A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., we understand the hazards cyclists face because we face them, too.

Founding attorney Alessandro Assanti has been an avid cyclist for decades and truly understands how frustrating and scary riding is at times. He started his law firm to help victims injured in accidents find the best options for recovery because he knows the challenges victims face after an accident.

How Our Law Firm Is Different

The recovery process is different for every victim. It is important to work with a law firm that understands and appreciates your specific circumstances and needs. Alessandro Assanti is the only personal injury lawyer in the country who has professional racing experience. This experience plays a vital role in how we will evaluate, negotiate and litigate your case. You can trust that we will always put your best interests first because we care about helping you make a full recovery.

Our law firm is an active participant in the Orange County Bicycle Coalition, which promotes safety issues and bicycle awareness in the community. We also sponsor the Surf City Cycling Triathlon Team and serve as counsel to many cycling teams, shops and distributors in the cycling industry.

Do You Know Your Bicycle Rights?

Cyclists have rights just like motorists. Under California law, cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Motorists also have to be aware of bicyclists on the road and respect the right of way of cyclists to prevent accidents.

Some of the most common types of bicycle accidents involve motorists turning in front of bicyclists, motorists merging into the bicycle lane and hitting bicyclists and motorists opening doors into oncoming bicyclists.

Safety Tips For Cyclists

Not all bicycle accidents are preventable. However, cyclists can take precautions to prevent or reduce the risk of being in an accident. Below is a list of safety tips to consider when riding your bicycle on the road:

  • Always maintain control of your bicycle.
  • Wear protective gear like a helmet and reflectors.
  • Obey all bicycle laws and be as visible as possible.
  • Ride with traffic.

We have experience representing victims injured in bicycle accidents in Orange County and throughout California. We can guide you through the legal process by explaining your rights and what legal options are available and helping you seek ongoing medical treatment and care.

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We know recovery from an injury can be a long, painful process. We are here to help you every step of the way. To schedule a free consultation with our law firm, call us at 800-440-1928 or contact us online.

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