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Fatal accident causes closure of California freeway

Under the best of circumstances, motorcyclists often face additional risks in comparison to more traditional motorists. Because of their smaller sizes, they may be more difficult to see, for example. Additionally, if a collision between a car or truck and a motorcycle occurs, motorcyclists have little to no physical barriers to protect them from impact. Unfortunately, officials in California are currently investigating a fatal accident involving a motorcycle.

Reports indicate that the motor vehicle accident happened on a California freeway at approximately 9:30 p.m. According to reports, a motorcyclist and a car collided. When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they discovered the motorcyclist lying in one of the travel lanes with debris from the accident blocking two lanes.

California motorcycle accidents: GM settles self-driving suit

Technology has allowed new and innovative products that were not feasible two decades ago. Though these advances may seem spectacular, they also often create important safety questions, such as whether self-driving vehicles are safe. For example, self-driving vehicles may create safety hazards, especially regarding motorcycle accidents. In fact, GM has recently settled a lawsuit filed by a California motorcyclist.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit claims that he was injured by a self-driven vehicle on a California roadway. Reports indicate that both the car and the motorcycle were on a one-way three-lane road. According to reports, the car initiated a lane change from the center lane into the left lane between two vehicles. Before the lane change could be completed, however, the car reportedly realized that the gap had become smaller, causing the car to move back into the middle lane.

Do rising gas prices contribute to rising motorcycle deaths?

Motorcycles seem to be everywhere in Southern California, and one reason for this is the consistently good weather that brings riders out.

While there was a decrease in motorcycle fatalities for a couple of years, the available data shows that the number has been on the rise again, and the experts think they know why.

Reports speculate on rate of California motorcycle accidents

There are a variety of people in California who choose a motorcycle as their primary method of transportation. The overall climate of the state makes it suitable for motorcycle travel for an extended period of time. However, some people speculate that this could also be one of several factors contributing to the number of motorcycle accidents in the state.

Motorcycles make up only about 3 percent of registered vehicles in the United States. Despite this relatively low number, they account for approximately 13 percent of crashes. Some statistics indicate that a motorcyclist is 29 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident per mile traveled.

AAA describes fatal accident increase in '100 Deadliest Days'

People traveling on California roads during the summer may notice an increase in traffic. For many, summer is a time of travel and vacation with family as children are out of school. However, people going on vacation are not the only reason why there may be more traffic -- since teenage drivers are out of school, they may be on the roads more and keeping later hours, potentially leading to what AAA has termed the "100 Deadliest Days" due to a fatal accident and/or serious injury increase.

The period involved in the "100 Deadliest Days" involves the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. AAA claims that there is a nationwide increase in the number of crashes involving teenagers during that timeframe. While parents are likely rightly concerned with the safety of their children, others on the roadways have reason to be concerned as well. AAA reports that the majority of people injured or killed in accidents caused by teen drivers are victims other than the teen driver.

California sheriff's department investigates motorcycle accident

People in California may often underestimate the importance of traffic signs, especially stop signs. Drivers must not only come to a stop but also determine that the way is clear before proceeding. Unfortunately, a man recently suffered critical injuries in a motorcycle accident that happened at an intersection involving a stop sign.

The incident happened one evening on a day in June. Police claim that the victim, a male motorcyclist in his 50s, was driving north on a California roadway. According to reports, he was struck by a vehicle exiting the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Police search for driver following California motorcycle accident

With today's technology, it is almost impossible to remain anonymous for an extended period of time. When a person commits a crime -- or is suspected of committing one -- police are often able to quickly locate him or her. In fact, police in California are currently searching for a driver they say was involved in a motorcycle accident.

The incident is said to have occurred one morning on a day in late June. According to reports, a man driving a van exited the driveway of a convenience store, pulling directly in to the path of a southbound motorcycle. The motorcyclist reportedly collided with the rear driver's side of the van.

New motorcyclists can use tips for safe highway riding

If you have just bought your first motorcycle, you have probably been trying it out by riding around the neighborhood before taking your pride and joy out on a quiet, two-lane road. Once you develop some confidence, your next goal is likely to tackle highway riding. Here are some tips that will make your first highway ride safer and easier:

Entering the highway

Man suffers serious injuries in California motorcycle accident

Many drivers in California are aware that it is sometimes more difficult to see motorcycles because of their smaller size. This can be especially true at night when there is reduced visibility. As a result, drivers of more traditional motor vehicles must be aware of the potential for motorcycles to be in the area. Unfortunately, a man is said to have suffered serious injuries as a result of a recent motorcycle accident.

The incident happened just before 9:30 p.m. on a weekend in early June. According to reports, the 42-year-old victim was riding in the first lane of a California street. Police say that a 25-year-old man driving a sedan was on an off ramp. Unfortunately, the younger man is said to have turned into the motorcyclist's lane.

Gerard Butler had a motorcycle crash from out of nowhere

When people ride motorcycles, they must be alert, watchful and prepared for just about anything in terms of a potential accident.

However, Scottish actor Gerard Butler had no time to prepare for a crash that left him with multiple injuries. The 2017 incident illustrates just how quickly a car-motorcycle crash can happen.

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