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Motorcycle accidents: Another rider killed in California

There are multiple laws and other safety measures in place in an attempt to prevent motor vehicle accidents, including speed limits and traffic lights. While failing to stop at a red light may seem to some as a relatively minor traffic infraction, doing so can often have tragic consequences. In fact, when doing so causes motorcycle accidents, the results can often be fatal. Police in California are currently investigating a recent crash that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

The incident that led to the 48-year-old man's death happened on a day in mid-January. Reports indicate that the motorcyclist was southbound while a pickup truck was eastbound. The motorcycle reportedly slammed into the left side of the pickup truck after they both entered an intersection.

How cyclists and injuries get together on California roads

Southern California is famous for its wonderful weather, and that draws cyclists in droves. However, statistics show that there has been an upswing in bicycle/vehicle fatalities, even as the number of injuries has dropped.

The latest statistics tell us about the kind of people who are prone to bicycle accidents, what caused them and where they are most likely to happen.

Researchers study common cause of motorcycle accidents

There are a variety of people who choose a motorcycle to help them move around California. However, some statistics indicate that motorcycle accidents happen in a disproportionately high number. Startlingly, many of the accidents happen because other drivers claim that they looked, but did not see, a motorcycle in the area.

Researchers have recently completed a study involving what they term looked-but-failed-to-see (LBFTS) accidents. In these accidents, drivers of more traditional vehicles claim that they looked before pulling into traffic. Because they did not see an oncoming motorcyclist, they pulled into its path, resulting in a collision. One researcher speculates that the brain naturally filters out certain sensory information in order to prevent an overload of information, and the brain may filter out certain information related to motorcycles.

Faulty distance perception blamed for motorcycle crashes

A psychological study by a professor at Texas Tech University finds that there may be a link between a common type of motorcycle accident and the brain’s ability to judge distances.

As a motorcyclist, you know how important it is to be totally alert as you approach an intersection. The Texas Tech study sheds light on the reason a car-motorcycle accident might well happen there.

Responding to bicycle accidents in California

There are a variety of different ways to safely and legally navigate California roadways. In fact, because of the state's climate, there are options that are attractive year round that may not be prudent in other states, including the use of motorcycles and bicycles. Despite the laws that are in place to protect cyclists, bicycle accidents can still happen, potentially resulting in serious harm.

The consequences of a bicycle accident can be lifelong. Survivors are often unsure how they will be able to cope with the financial consequences of their injuries. In some cases, they may not know of their rights or their options for legal recourse, including the option of filing a lawsuit against a negligent motorist whose actions caused them harm.

Details of fatal accident in California unclear

Although motorcyclists in California and across the country have the same rights to use the roadway, they often face more risk of being injured in an accident. Because of their decreased size and relative lack of physical barriers, an accident between a motorcyclist and a traditional motor vehicle can have significant consequences. In fact, police are currently investigating a fatal accident.

Like many motorcycle crashes, it appears that a driver pulled into the path of a motorcycle, resulting in a collision. Witnesses claim that a vehicle driven by a 30-year-old woman pulled out of a parking lot at approximately 7:30 p.m. on a day in December. As a result, a 19-year-old motorcyclist who was headed east broadsided the vehicle.

Manhole covers and other wet-weather motorcycling issues

If you are an avid motorcyclist or use your bike daily to ride to school or work, you undoubtedly encounter the odd rainy day. Even in Southern California, inclement weather happens from time to time.

Your job as a motorcycle rider is to deal with bad weather competently. In fact, if you approach it properly, you might even enjoy riding in the rain. Here are four tips to help you do just that:

Fatal accident in California takes 2 lives

Motorcycles can sometimes be more difficult to see because of their smaller size. As a result, motorists need to be vigilant at all times as accidents involving motorcycles and more traditional motor vehicles can have serious, even deadly, consequences. In fact, two people in California were recently the victims of a fatal accident after they were allegedly struck by another vehicle.

The accident happened one afternoon on a day in December. According to reports, the two victims, a 45-year-old male and 42-year-old female, were headed east on a California road. Unfortunately, a westbound sports utility vehicle reportedly attempted a left turn into the path of the motorcycle.

Getting back on your motorcycle after suffering a crash

After a motorcycle crash, you may wonder how you can move forward. How hard will it be to return to riding, especially after a bad injury?

Motorcycle riding does carry a certain amount of risk, but how you deal with an accident and the aftermath involves some emotional, physical and mental adjustments.

California motorcyclist involved in fatal accident

There are a variety of different ways to safely and lawfully utilize California roadways. Unfortunately, those who use a motorcycle may face the increased possibility of being injured in an accident as a result of the relative lack of protection to the majority of their bodies. Because motorcycles may also be less visible due to their smaller size, other drivers must remain vigilant at all times. A recent fatal accident illustrates the potential harm such an accident can cause.

The accident happened at approximately 9:20 p.m. on a day in late November. According to reports, a 65-year-old motorcyclist was traveling on a California roadway when the accident happened. An oncoming vehicle, driven by a 73-year-old man, reportedly turned left into the path of the motorcyclist, resulting in a collision.

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