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From large truck drivers to bicyclists and those driving small vehicles, traffic accidents are often a major concern. Sadly, when a motorcyclist is involved in a traffic collision, the outcome is often especially tragic. In Orange County, and across the whole state of California, motorcyclists who are struck by vehicles or crash in an accident which only involved them face an even higher risk of dying or suffering a serious injury. As a result, motorcyclists should realize the prevalence of these accidents, do whatever they can to avoid a wreck and make sure they handle the aftermath of a collision correctly.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 4,950 people passed away in a motorcycle crash during 2012. Sadly, this represents a notable increase from 2011, when 4,612 people died in motorcycle crashes. On top of the loss of life, these accidents also leave an even greater number of motorcyclists with debilitating injuries. In fact, 93,000 motorcyclists were hurt in 2012, up from 81,000 over the course of 2011.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that information from 2014 shows motorcyclists were 27 times more likely to lose their lives in an accident over the course of the year, when compared to those who operated other types of vehicles. There are a number of strategies that motorcyclists can take advantage of to lessen the chances of an accident, such as following all traffic laws and wearing proper helmets. However, many of these accidents happen because of negligent drivers who fail to watch out for motorcyclists and follow traffic safety laws.

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