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When it comes to motorcycle wrecks, there are many reasons why these accidents occur. Sometimes, motorcyclists are responsible for wrecks because they were riding too fast or were not very familiar with their motorcycle. Sadly, many of these accidents occur because of reckless and careless drivers. If you ride a motorcycle in Orange County, or another part of California, you may find yourself in an accident because of a driver's negligence.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examined some of the different motorcycle accident causes. Sometimes, drivers reach excessive speeds and are unable to slow down quick enough, resulting in a motorcycle collision. Additionally, alcohol plays a role in many traffic accidents, including motorcycle wrecks. Those driving a car or truck while drunk may not even notice a motorcyclist due to their intoxication. Drivers may fail to yield because they are careless while behind the wheel, or they may be distracted by another passenger in their vehicle or their cell phone. Another potential cause is driver fatigue, which sometimes affects those who do not get enough sleep or work too long.

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents take place due to bad signage or poor weather that results in slick roads. If you were hurt in a motorcycle collision, your life may be shattered regardless of what caused the accident to occur. However, if a driver's poor judgment or irresponsibility caused an accident that has thrown your life into chaos, you should take steps to recover and make sure that they are held accountable.

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