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California motorcycle accidents: Cyclist airlifted after crash

Because of California's climate, motorcyclists are often on the roadways. Since their size may make them more difficult to see, other motorists may need to take extra precautions to help avoid motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, one man was recently injured in a crash.

Lane Sharing Isn't Illegal

Some drivers may not like it, but lane splitting is not against the law in California. Lane sharing is when a motorcyclist moves between lanes when flowing in the same direction as the rest of traffic. It most often happens when traffic is slow or stopped, and motorcyclists have enough room to keep moving forward between cars.

Jail, probation follow fatal accident in California

When a loved one is killed in a preventable accident, surviving family members -- understandably -- want justice. While most people assume that justice will come through the criminal justice system, many families are unsatisfied with the outcome. Fortunately, those who lost a loved one in a fatal accident in California have the option of seeking justice in a civil court.

The role truckers play in highway accidents

Large trucks play a crucial role in highway safety in California. Their size and a variety of other factors can result in more accidents if the correct precautions are not taken. Drivers of both trucks and passenger vehicles should be aware of the risks in order to keep calamities to a minimum.

Statistics on bicyclists and traffic crashes

Each year, many people are permanently injured or even killed in a bicycle accident. These crashes occur in many different ways and in Orange County, and other cities in California, many of them take place on roads and involve vehicles. For bicyclists, as well as those who drive cars and other vehicles, taking all steps to avoid a collision is essential. Moreover, bicyclists may benefit from going over statistics which shed more light on these accidents and reveal how prevalent bicycle accidents actually are.

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