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Because of California's climate, motorcyclists are often on the roadways. Since their size may make them more difficult to see, other motorists may need to take extra precautions to help avoid motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, one man was recently injured in a crash.

According to reports, a driver was attempting to exit the parking lot of a shopping center. Unfortunately, he reportedly did not see an oncoming motorcyclist. Reports indicate that the motorcycle attempted to avoid a collision by laying the motorcycle on its side and locking his brakes.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle and car did collide. An officer with the California Highway Patrol described the man's injuries as "minor to moderate," potentially including a broken arm. However, some news sources speculate that the man's injuries may be more severe since he was transported to the hospital by helicopter. It is unclear if the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision will be cited or charged.

Even if the man's injuries are no more serious than a broken arm, such an injury can create permanent issues for him. Depending on his occupation, he may not be able to work until he covers. Some victims of motorcycle accidents in California are never able to return to work in the same capacity, complicating their financial situations. As a result, the victim may opt to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. If successful, he could receive an award of damages that will help ensure that he will be able to cope with the financial ramifications of his injuries.

Source: .thepress.net, "Motorcyclist airlifted after Discovery Bay crash", Tony Kukulich, July 17, 2017

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