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Man arrested following fatal accident in California

The dangers of driving under the influence are often well-publicized. A driver who is under the influence of alcohol combined with an area where motorcycles are present is often a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in California appears to be further proof that drinking and driving can have serious consequences.

The basics of lane-splitting

Motorcycle riders have been “lane splitting” probably since the motorcycle was invented. However, since California became the first state to formalize the practice last year, a larger emphasis has been placed on safely lane splitting.

Traumatic Brain Injuries That Stem From Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating for riders, who have less protection than those in motor vehicles. This means that they are at a higher risk of sustaining a brain injury, which can lead to intense treatment in a hospital. Motorcycle riders are 16 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident than those who drive motor vehicles.

When You Have Received Severe Burns in a Motorcycle Accident

Fires stem from many motorcycle accidents every year, causing severe injuries and death in the worst cases. One of the most common types of burn injuries is actually road rash, mostly due to the fact that motorcycle riders do not have proper protective clothing or sustain a very serious accident.

How do You Determine Liability in a Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle accidents happen all the time, especially in major cities across the United States. The main reason? Negligence. Drivers fail to realize that cyclists have a right to share the roadways and this can lead to serious accidents when drivers are not paying attention. About 2% of all fatal accidents on the roads happen to bicycle riders, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When a Wrongful Death Stems from a Car Accident Case

According to annual statistics that have been taken regarding car accidents, nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year. This comes out to approximately 3,287 deaths a day! Accidents that happen on the roadways are the 9th leading cause of death in the United States, which means that we need to take a look at how we can lessen the likelihood of these accidents. (1)

Fatal accident in California involved man in wheelchair

Many people are able to safely utilize the roadways and sidewalks in California. Although the vast majority of both motorists and those using sidewalks are careful to observe all traffic related laws, a single moment of inattention or slight miscalculation can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, a man in a wheelchair was recently killed while on a sidewalk. The fatal accident remains under investigation.

Authorities identify victim of fatal accident in California

In the early morning hours as people commute to work or otherwise travel from place to place, it is easy for drivers to become complacent. Lost in thought, drivers might fail to fully check for traffic around them as they change lanes or perform other traffic maneuvers, resulting in serious harm. Unfortunately, the victim of a fatal accident in California has recently been identified by authorities.

California police investigate fatal accident

There are many legal ways to maneuver on California roadways as long as certain precautions are taken. For example, a U-turn might be legal, but only if the driver determines that the way is clear if there is no traffic light. Because motorcycles are more difficult to see in comparison to traditional motor vehicles, a motorist attempting such a turn must ensure that there are none in the area. Unfortunately, police are currently investigating a fatal accident involving a sports utility vehicle and a motorcycle.

Safety tips for motorcyclists

Even though it may seem that summer is almost over, we still have over a month and a half until the fall equinox, which means more warm weather, and with it, more bikers on roads and highways. As both experienced and novel riders know, safety is paramount when riding, as a small mistake can be costly--even deadly.

Inattentive driving can be deadly to California motorcyclists

This post will give some of the background according to research on motorcycle accidents. How many happen in this country? How many people get injured and killed in motorcycle accidents on U.S. roadways? Who are the victims? Why are the crashes happening?

Bicycle accidents: Charges filed against California motorcyclist

The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol are well-known. Despite the many public service campaigns aimed at informing the public about the potential harm drunk drivers can cause, incidents of drunk driving continue to occur. Unfortunately, drunk drivers riding on a road with bike paths used by cyclists in California could easily lead to serious bicycle accidents with multiple victims.

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