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Even as summer–statistically the busiest season for motorcycles on the road–is winding down, the California Highway Patrol is placing an emphasis on motorcycle safety and protection across the state.

The CHP recently received a federal grant titled “Have a Good Ride III” aimed at monitoring drivers and motorcyclists in an effort to reduce routine, yet dangerous driving behavior, including speeding, unsafe lane changes, turning without a signal and excessive speeding. While most drivers commit these infractions, they often result in dangerous collisions.

What this means for California riders

In short, riders and drivers around the state–but particularly around Redwood City and Sacramento–can expect increased CHP presence. Those on state road 1 can expect to see a large increase in motorcycle safety enforcement, as it receives the majority of motorcycle traffic in the state, according to CHP officials.

The federal grant will give way to the 43 day operation, which will focus on both on motorists and pedestrians, with an aim at enforcing existing traffic laws.

The grant, which will cause operations to last until September 30, will also result in a collaboration between the CHP and the California Department of Transportation to display “Share the Road – Look Twice For Motorcycles” messages on electronic sings on the state’s highways.

What should riders do?

Riders should continue doing what they’ve been doing: practicing safe riding habits, observing the law, and making sure that appropriate safety precautions are taken. That includes wearing protective gear, signaling appropriately, and making sure your motorcycle is up to standards.