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Many people are able to safely utilize the roadways and sidewalks in California. Although the vast majority of both motorists and those using sidewalks are careful to observe all traffic related laws, a single moment of inattention or slight miscalculation can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, a man in a wheelchair was recently killed while on a sidewalk. The fatal accident remains under investigation.

The incident occurred on an August afternoon. Reports indicate that two vehicles were both traveling south on a California roadway. Unfortunately, one of the drivers allegedly struck the second, a sports utility vehicle. After the contact, the driver of the first vehicle lost control of it, and the car jumped a curb before striking a 64-year-old man in a wheelchair on the sidewalk.

The car reportedly continued on, coming to a stop after striking several cars that were parked. The wheelchair-bound victim was transported to the hospital but passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the collision. The driver reportedly remained at the scene, but it is unclear if drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash.

Most people in California feel relatively safe while utilizing sidewalks. In the rare situation when a vehicle hops a curb, there is often little that a pedestrian can do to protect him or herself. Unfortunately, a family is now left mourning the unexpected death of their loved one and may potentially be wondering how they will meet financial complications stemming from the fatal accident, including medical bills and lost wages. To ensure that they are able to focus on their emotional recovery rather than how they will pay their bills, the victim's surviving family members may choose to seek damages in a civil court.

Source: ktla.com, "64-Year-Old Man in Wheelchair Killed in Stanton Crash", Cindy Von Quednow and Chip Yost, Aug. 15, 2017

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