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This post will give some of the background according to research on motorcycle accidents. How many happen in this country? How many people get injured and killed in motorcycle accidents on U.S. roadways? Who are the victims? Why are the crashes happening?

It is a lot to cover, but this is an important topic, particularly in California. Mild weather generally means there are more men and women enjoying motorcycling in an area. That leads to the greater chance of motorcycle accidents here in Orange County and surrounding areas. The personal injury lawyers at A.G. Assanti & Associates have seen first-hand how California's negligent drivers cause significant devastation to motorcyclists.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 4,976 victims died in motorcycle accidents in 2015. Another 88,000 were injured. Those most likely to die in the incidents were motorcyclists who are 40 or older. Researchers suggest a few reasons why "older" riders might be more vulnerable, but what this blog is more interested in is why motorcycle accidents happen at all. 

So many traffic accidents involving motorcycles could be prevented -- often through better driving on the part of those operating cars around motorcycles. Other drivers tend to cause motorcycle accidents by failing to look out for and see motorcycles. This can mean drivers fail to yield to bikers and turn in front of them, leaving a motorcyclist no time to stop. 

When a larger vehicle hits a motorcycle, it is the person or people on the bike who tend to get the most injured. Even with a helmet, motorcycle passengers can sustain catastrophic injuries and often die. Of course motorcyclists have to follow traffic laws and take precautions to protect themselves on the roadways. Still, when others on the roadways aren't doing their due diligence to create a safe environment, people will get hurt, including unsuspecting men and women who are simply trying to enjoy a motorcycle ride.

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