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The dangers of driving under the influence are often well-publicized. A driver who is under the influence of alcohol combined with an area where motorcycles are present is often a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in California appears to be further proof that drinking and driving can have serious consequences.

The incident happened at an intersection near a shopping center on a day in August, just before 6 p.m. Police believe that a 63-year-old man driving a pickup truck made a left turn into the path of a 23-year-old motorcyclist. Reports indicate that the motorcyclist was unable to avoid a collision due to the proximity of the truck.

When police and other first responders arrived at the scene, the injured victim was reportedly lying in the road and receiving CPR from bystanders. According to reports, the driver of the truck was attempting to walk toward the shopping center when police stopped him; reports indicate he did not attempt to render aid to the injured man. Although the young victim was reportedly wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, he passed away while being transported to the hospital due to the severity of his injuries. Police say that the truck driver's blood alcohol content was over triple the limit allowed by state law, and he was taken into custody.

Unfortunately, the family of the fatal accident victim is likely still trying to cope with the death of their loved one. To help the victim's surviving family members handle the financial consequences of their loss, they may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit in a California civil court. If they can prove that their loved one's death was caused by negligence, they could receive a financial award to provide for lost wages and funeral expenses, among others. An attorney with experience with such cases can help the family fully understand their options.

Source: Rohnert Park, CA Patch, "Motorcyclist Killed In Rohnert Park Collision", Maggie Avants, Aug. 24, 2017

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