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Motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating for riders, who have less protection than those in motor vehicles. This means that they are at a higher risk of sustaining a brain injury, which can lead to intense treatment in a hospital. Motorcycle riders are 16 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident than those who drive motor vehicles.

Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury

When you have sustained a brain injury from a motorcycle accident, such as a concussion or a hemorrhage, you could be dependent on long-term care. If you are a survivor of one of these accidents, you may already know that there are risks that could affect you for the rest of your life, such as significant impairments in your motor function as well as depression. The medical costs associated with brain injuries can be expensive and complicated. In fact, you may have to receive ongoing medical treatments for the rest of your life and be faced with many financial burdens.

A Silent Epidemic?

Brain injuries are sometimes referred to as the "silent epidemic" because they can be extremely challenging to prove in court. This is mostly due to the fact that many accident victims appear normal on the outside, even though the problems arise in the inside. You may have been diagnosed with a "mild" TBI but, in all reality, your symptoms may not be as mild as they say. (1)

It is extremely important to understand how to protect yourself when you are a motorcycle rider. One of the best ways to do so is by wearing a helmet, as you are significantly less likely to experience brain injuries when you are wearing one and in an accident. Not wearing a helmet leaves the head completely unprotected, which raises your chance or injury or death. Call us today if you have received injuries in a motorcycle accident and need our assistance. We have experience in these cases.

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