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Even with all the safety precautions taken, riding a motorcycle is dangerous. From the neglect of other drivers, to dangerous road conditions, there are many potential causes to bike accidents. Recently, motorcycle website Ride Apart put together a list of the most common causes of bike crashes. Listed below, we examine them, as well as ways to help prevent them and ensure your safety on the road.

Staying safe on the road

Some common causes include:

  1. Left turns by motor vehicles: whether it’s due to inattention or just plain old poor driving skills, getting cut off by a car that’s attempting a left turn is a very common cause of motorcycle-car accidents.
  2. Unexpected gravel: particularly on blind corners, hitting a gravel patch can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Entering blind corners at a slower pace can help reduce this.
  3. Turning a corner at a high speed: another popular accident catalyst. The old mantra of “slow in, fast out,” was coined precisely to avoid these situations from occurring.
  4. Unexpected lane change by other drivers: again, a lot of drivers simply don’t pay enough attention on the road, particularly to motorcyclists. That’s why the responsibility often falls on the riders to be cognizant of blind spots and keeping a safe distance.
  5. Getting hit from behind: this most often occurs when riders come to a sudden stop. It can be hard to avoid, as most of us don’t go riding expecting to stop suddenly. Many riders suggest using a car as a “crumple zone,” wherein you pull in front of an already stopped car, thereby using it as a shield.
  6. Riding with bad or inexperienced motorcyclists: all it takes is a momentary slip in attention to get in an accident. Make sure your buddies are smart and serious about riding.
  7. Locking the front brake: this is less of an issue with bikes that have ABS, but it’s generally recommended that all riders practice their front brakes until they are comfortable with their usage.
  8. Getting doored: you’re riding close to a parked car or in stationary traffic, and all of a sudden, the door opens right in front of you. This is why most riders strongly caution against riding next to parked cars.
  9. Slippery conditions: make sure you have the proper tires. Don’t ride when it’s raining, if possible.

For the tenth, and final cause, always remember:

Don’t drink and drive.