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One of your major goals as a motorcycle rider is to be seen by motorists. Perhaps you have taken steps in this direction by wearing high-visibility colors or by dressing up your bike with reflective tape if you ride after dark.

Another way to make your motorcycle more visible is by adding auxiliary driving lights.

Newer accessories

If you purchased your motorcycle recently, the package for your cruiser or touring bike may have included auxiliary driving lights, or the dealer may have offered them as an option. Many older bikes do not have them. However, if buying an additional set of lights is on your to-do list, you need to think about what you actually need.

Reasons to add lights

Do you want to supplement your low-beam lights, broaden the range of the high beams or increase your visibility to daytime motorists? There are basically two kinds of auxiliary driving lights, both of which make your motorcycle easier to see. Some project a shorter, wider pattern that improves the low beam, and others cast a longer, narrower light pattern to improve the high beam.

Your electrical capacity

Before you buy a new set of lights, consider the output of your electrical system. Each new light will draw about 55 watts. Therefore, if your motorcycle is older with a limited electrical capacity, you may want to explore the idea of a lighting system that is more energy efficient, such as LEDs or high-density discharge Xeon lights.

The aesthetic value

Some people simply add lights to make their motorcycles look cool. This is fine, but once you get past the aesthetic angle, you will find that added lights translate to added safety. At the back of your mind is the thought that you do not want to become a statistic: If you are involved in a crash, you could sustain severe injuries, and you certainly want to avoid becoming a fatality. You may turn heads with your cool, auxiliary driving lights—but in terms of safety, that is a good thing.