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An unexpected loss of a life is always a sad event. However, when that loss involves a teenager, the event may seem even more tragic. Unfortunately, police in California are currently investigating a fatal accident that took the life of a young high school student.

The incident happened on an afternoon in mid-October. According to reports, the 15-year-old victim was the passenger in a car driven by a 18-year-old male. Police believe that the car was traveling approximately 40 mph over the speed limit.

Unfortunately, the driver reportedly lost control, causing the vehicle to crash into a cinder block gate and phone pole. The young passenger died as a result of injuries suffered, but none of the other occupants were injured. Police have not announced any charges against the driver; however, the incident remains under investigation. Those who live near the crash site claim that driver's frequently speed in the area, but this incident was the first fatality.

The parents of the deceased victim are now forced to put aside the hopes and dreams they had for their child and plan a funeral as a result of the fatal accident. Unfortunately, many find in the time of their grief that they are overwhelmed by the financial consequences of their loss, including funeral costs. Some people in California who have lost a loved one due to another person's negligence choose to seek a financial award in a civil court. If their claims can be proved, the could be awarded damages that will allow them to better cope with the expenses stemming from their loved one's death. While it will likely do little to lessen their sense of loss, it may allow them to focus on their overall recovery.

Source: abc30.com, "Lindsay High School student dies in crash on 'Todds Hill'", Brian Johnson, Oct. 18, 2017

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