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As a motorcycle rider, you know you will be at a disadvantage if there is a collision between you and a vehicle of any size. To avoid a crash, you must stay alert, anticipate emergency situations and be smart about the way you ride.

You should also be aware of situations that could crop up at any time, and prepare to avoid them. Here are three of the most common car-motorcycle accidents waiting to happen.

1. An oncoming car turns left in front of you.

This is the most common kind of car-motorcycle collision. The driver of an oncoming car either misjudges your speed or does not see you at all. It is a perfect example of the need to anticipate what might happen as you approach an intersection, parking lot or driveway. Consider any car in the area to be a potential threat. Slow down and prepare to take evasive action.

2. A car changes lanes and comes toward you.

Chances are you are in a driver’s blind spot. Motorists are familiar with looking for nearby cars, not motorcycles. Be aware of traffic conditions, whether there is a slow-up or perhaps an emergency situation up ahead that would cause drivers to jockey between lanes. Spend as little time in blind spots as possible. Speed up a little or lay back, but make yourself visible.

3. A car door opens as you approach.

You may try to get around a traffic jam by zipping through the gap between a line of cars and a row of parked cars. You will quickly find this is not a good idea when someone in a parked car opens a door right in front of you. Avoid this by never, ever riding through such a gap.

Accidents happen, and so do injuries

When you anticipate potential problems, use common sense and evasive measures, you may still be unfortunate enough to get into a collision, and you will likely sustain injuries. An attorney accustomed to helping motorcycle accident victims will tell you that insurance companies can be difficult when it comes to the matter of compensation. However, even if you are partly responsible for a crash, you still have rights and you can rely on an experienced advocate to ensure the protection of those rights.