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Maybe it never rains in Southern California. Most of the time, motorcycle riders can jump on the bike without a second thought to weather and road conditions. But what happens when it pours (it pours…)?

Responsible motorcycle riders should be prepared to ride in all conditions, including rain and snow. Rainfall is sporadic in Orange County, so drivers are often unprepared and the roads can become dangerous even after a quick sprinkle. In order to better protect themselves, riders should keep some things in mind before riding on rainy roads.

Safety first

Most riders don’t even think about taking the bike out when it’s raining. But, sometimes you’re stuck and have to get on the road, even as raindrops are falling. In these situations, it’s better to be prepared and proactive rather than scared and reactionary.

The folks at Sports Rider recently put together a nice list of things riders should do before getting out on a rainy road:

  • Have the right gear handy. Under ideal circumstances, riders would have waterproof clothing. However, as that generally means an added layer of warmth, it may not always be practical, particularly in California weather. However, all riders can make sure that their helmet has an anti-fog visor.
  • Ride with more caution. Another no brainer, but it bears repeating. Breaking should probably be done earlier and with more caution, and a greater focus should be placed on riding smoothly.
  • Approach intersections with caution. The oft-repeated concern with driving in the rain is that the first couple of minutes are often the most dangerous, due to the mixture of oil on the road and water. That can also apply to intersections, where riders can encounter traction issues. Make sure you’re prepared to cross an intersection ahead of time.
  • Seek dryness! If there’s a dry lane, take it. It’s that simple.

Riders should always exercise caution, especially when it comes to rare events—like rain in Irvine. It’s better to be prepared, and avoid a difficult personal injury and recovery period.