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After a motorcycle crash, you may wonder how you can move forward. How hard will it be to return to riding, especially after a bad injury?

Motorcycle riding does carry a certain amount of risk, but how you deal with an accident and the aftermath involves some emotional, physical and mental adjustments.

Emotional response

In October 2017, actor Gerard Butler was flung from his motorcycle when a woman made a sudden U-turn directly in his path. He had no choice but to hit her car and as a result, went flying. He suffered some cuts and bruises, a torn meniscus and five broken bones in his foot. He knows he will recover and be fine, but he said the accident made him “really appreciate how precious life is.”

Physical and mental injuries

In addition to broken bones, a motorcycle injury can result in extremely serious medical problems, such as spinal cord or brain injuries. There is also the possibility of post-traumatic stress disorder if you experience a life-threatening trauma. Though they are not always symptomatic of total PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares, depression and a general questioning of riding skills and decision-making abilities may follow your crash.

Mental recovery

Riders who have been involved in bad accidents say that their first thought relative to riding again is to take it slow. Having a support group is very helpful. Find people who understand what you are going through. The group can include friends, relatives and professionals, such as a therapist or an attorney who is also a motorcyclist. Other riders advise that your post-accident therapy might include just reading about motorcycles or looking at pictures of them and then going to the garage and just sitting on your bike. The idea is to become comfortable with each small step before proceeding to the next.

Motorcycle accidents can not only cause serious physical injury, they can also shake your confidence badly. Getting back in the saddle, however, is a goal you can absolutely accomplish. If Gerard Butler can do it, so can you.