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When you hear about a motorcycle crash, it is usually because the rider has collided with a car, or perhaps a tree. How did this happen? Was the driver of the car at fault? Were the road conditions unsafe? Was visibility poor?

There are many reasons for a motorcycle accident, but one of the reasons you hear the least about is equipment failure.

The longitudinal move

Professional rider Nick Ienatsch talks about being on the track at the New Jersey Motorsports Park when his motorcycle “moved longitudinally,” which is something he had never before experienced. He moved off the track to a safe spot and inspected his Yamaha. It turned out that his rear tire was going flat. Nick says if your tire pressure is low, you will likely feel this longitudinal shift and the steering will become lethargic.

Responsible maintenance

Motorcycle equipment failure is the exception rather than the rule, but any kind of issue that suddenly crops up could cause a devastating crash, whether you are on the race track or maneuvering through traffic on the interstate. In addition to low tire pressure, your bike could have an issue with the steering damper mount or a coolant hose. You should check your motorcycle on a regular basis. If you are not mechanically inclined, hire a qualified technician, who will probably encourage you to consider a preventative maintenance program.

Finding legal support

An attorney who thoroughly understands motorcyclists and the accidents in which they become involved will tell you that even if you contribute in some way to a crash, you have rights that must be protected. Nick Ienatsch emphasizes that you should never ignore warning signs, like an odd longitudinal move. Be sure you check your bike equipment often for any possible issues. Motorcycle injuries can be extremely severe, and you do not want to start out on a perfectly good ride and end up in the local hospital.