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Motorcycle accidents: California lawsuit involves autonomous car

There are many unique obstacles that face motorcyclists. In addition to their decreased visibility because of their size, they also have fewer physical barriers to protect them from injuries, often causing serious injuries when motorcycle accidents occur. Recently, these obstacles came face-to-face with new and developing technology when a cyclist in California claims that he was struck by a self-driving vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents: Another rider killed in California

There are multiple laws and other safety measures in place in an attempt to prevent motor vehicle accidents, including speed limits and traffic lights. While failing to stop at a red light may seem to some as a relatively minor traffic infraction, doing so can often have tragic consequences. In fact, when doing so causes motorcycle accidents, the results can often be fatal. Police in California are currently investigating a recent crash that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Researchers study common cause of motorcycle accidents

There are a variety of people who choose a motorcycle to help them move around California. However, some statistics indicate that motorcycle accidents happen in a disproportionately high number. Startlingly, many of the accidents happen because other drivers claim that they looked, but did not see, a motorcycle in the area.

Responding to bicycle accidents in California

There are a variety of different ways to safely and legally navigate California roadways. In fact, because of the state's climate, there are options that are attractive year round that may not be prudent in other states, including the use of motorcycles and bicycles. Despite the laws that are in place to protect cyclists, bicycle accidents can still happen, potentially resulting in serious harm.

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