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Bicycle accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in California bicycle race

There are multiple different reasons why people in California choose a bicycle as a form of transportation, from personal health to concern for the environment. Whether a cyclist is involved in a lone ride or with a pack of other riders, he or she may be at risk. Regardless of the cause, bicycle accidents can easily cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, a man was recently killed and a woman seriously injured while involved in an event.

Beware the dangers that often lead to motorcycle accidents

California is known for amenities that allow people opportunities for ample amounts of time in fresh air and sunshine. Some choose surfing as a passion while others favor the grittier feel of taking to the open roads on motorcycles. There are also a lot of people who commute to work by motorcycle as well as it can be more cost-effective than an SUV or pickup truck. Those who choose this form of travel will want to beware of potential dangers that can place them at risk for motorcycle accidents.

Fatal accident in California reportedly caused by SUV driver

Motorcyclists in California face many potential risks. In addition to road conditions that create havoc for these motorists, their smaller size make them more difficult to see. However, some of these hazards can be mitigated if other drivers take extra precautions when attempting a turn across travel lanes, for example. Unfortunately, police believe that a recent fatal accident was caused by the driver of a sports utility vehicle.

Environmental causes of California motorcycle accidents

There are a variety of different ways to legally use California roadways. As a result, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists can often be seen. Despite the fact that non-traditional users of the roadway are allowed to be on the roads, most roads are designed for traditional motor vehicles as opposed to motorcycles. As a result, road design and other environmental factors can cause motorcycle accidents.

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