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You may need insurance for your motorcycle but there is a problem: You have no motorcycle license. How can this be?

Applying for a motorcycle insurance policy without having a valid license is an unusual situation, but there are exceptions. Here are three of them.

You are on suspension

If you have either a revoked or suspended license, you will need to present proof of insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get it back. The DMV will want you to complete a Form SR22 so they can keep track of your insurance. If you have a suspended license, you can give the number to an insurer who will then determine what kind of policy you should have.

You have a disability

You may have a disability that prevents you from operating your motorcycle yourself, but you want the bike to be insured because you still want to ride. You must name a primary driver and the insurance company will assess his or her risk, which will determine how much you will pay for an insurance policy.

You are a foreign visitor

If you are visiting the United States as the citizen of another country, you may have an International Driving Permit. However, if you have no driving history in the U.S., some insurers may turn you down for motorcycle insurance. Keep in mind that if you are able to get a policy, you may be charged higher rates.

Getting a valid license

Applying for a motorcycle license means submitting to testing at the DMV. It is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a valid license, and it is almost impossible to obtain motorcycle insurance without one. Never consider using someone else’s license to obtain motorcycle insurance: This is a serious legal offense. Your motorcycle represents freedom of the road as well as transportation that might be necessary for you to get to work or to your college classes. Use a valid license to obtain the motorcycle insurance you need.