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California is known for amenities that allow people opportunities for ample amounts of time in fresh air and sunshine. Some choose surfing as a passion while others favor the grittier feel of taking to the open roads on motorcycles. There are also a lot of people who commute to work by motorcycle as well as it can be more cost-effective than an SUV or pickup truck. Those who choose this form of travel will want to beware of potential dangers that can place them at risk for motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists must be especially wary of oncoming vehicles. It's no secret there are many distracted drivers on state highways and roads throughout the nation. If a motorcycle is even bumped ever-so-slightly by another vehicle, it may be enough to eject the rider from his or her seat, which may result in severe injury. Motorcyclists must be extremely focuses and aware of their surroundings at all times, but especially in the face of oncoming traffic.

Intersections are dangerous locations for all travelers, motorists and pedestrians alike. Motorcyclists are at great risk when navigating four-way crossroads. Sadly, intersections are also places where many drivers use their cell phones, thus increasing their risks for collision. If a car driver waiting to turn suddenly pulls out in front of motorcyclist going through an intersection, it's a recipe for disaster.

Motorcyclists also need to be especially careful when traveling past parked cars on the side of a road. If a driver suddenly swings a door wide open, it can very easily hit a passing biker. Those injured in California motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers' negligence are able to seek recovery for their losses by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

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