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There are a variety of different ways to legally use California roadways. As a result, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists can often be seen. Despite the fact that non-traditional users of the roadway are allowed to be on the roads, most roads are designed for traditional motor vehicles as opposed to motorcycles. As a result, road design and other environmental factors can cause motorcycle accidents.

Issues regarding the roadways that would have no effect on traditional motorists can cause a tragic accident. For example, highway standards allow pavement ridges that are 1.5 inches and do not need to be tapered. This can pose a significant threat for motorcyclists.

Additionally, a pothole that may have no impact on a car could cause a motorcycle accident. In another example, asphalt sealer that is used to repair cracks could be slick, interfering with a motorcycle's traction. Even aspects of a workzone can create additional risks for motorcyclists if they are not properly warned of road conditions.

There are groups advocating for improved conditions in order to protect motorcyclists in California and across the country. In the meantime, serious motorcycle accidents can result from improper conditions, leaving victims facing a lifetime of medical expenses and lost wages. In some cases, families are left to come to terms with the unexpected death of a loved one. Because some of these incidents could be the result of negligence, victims and their families often opt to discuss their case with an experienced personal injury attorney. This person can evaluate the situation and provide advice regarding the best course of action, potentially including the filing of a lawsuit against those responsible for maintaining the roads, for example.

Source: one.nhtsa.gov, "Environmental Factors: Roadway Characteristics", Jan. 31, 2018

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