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You may be a new motorcycle owner, or you may have had your bike for years. In either case, you probably appreciate suggestions from other women who love to ride.

Here are a few tips for staying safer and getting more enjoyment out of riding.

Wear appropriate apparel

Always wear a helmet. When shopping, make sure you choose one that fits properly, not too tight and not too loose. A helmet approved by the Department of Transportation will provide the most protection. Just make sure it is comfortable. The rest of your gear should be colorful—think high-visibility orange, yellow or neon green. The idea is to make sure motorists see you.

Be thoroughly familiar with your bike

To be as safe on the road as possible, you should know your motorcycle well. Make sure it is in good condition before you take it out. Check the tires, lights, electrical system, gasoline, oil and other fluids, and always ride with your lights on.

Exercise proper control

Motorcycling is a skill that takes constant practice. Take your time. Do not let others goad you into taking risks, and do not set goals that you are not yet ready to reach. Do not continue riding if you are tired, and never ride after drinking alcohol. Take periodic breaks to rest, perhaps do a few stretching exercises and have something to eat.

Stay alert

Never assume that other people see you; drivers are not programmed to look for motorcycles, especially motorcycles being driven by women who are generally smaller than men. Avoid distractions. Stay alert to what is going on around you and keep your attention on the road ahead.

Reach out for help

A smart, common sense approach to riding will keep both you and your motorcycle safe from harm. However, if you are ever in an accident, seek medical assistance at once, even if you appear to have nothing more than bumps and bruises. A medical evaluation will be important not only for your well-being, but also for the insurance settlement your attorney will seek on your behalf.