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There are a variety of different organizations that go to great lengths to notify the general public about the potential ramifications of drinking and driving. Despite these efforts, there are drivers in California who continue to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol. In fact, police believe that the driver of a sports utility vehicle involved in a fatal accident was under the influence.

The incident happened during a weekend in late March. According to reports, the driver of an SUV was attempting to make a left turn into a shopping center parking lot. Unfortunately, police say that the SUV struck a motorcycle while making the turn.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist died at the scene. While police are still investigating the incident, reports indicate that the driver of the SUV was arrested. He was suspected of driving under the influence.

Unfortunately, there are few protections for motorcyclists in the event of an accident such as this -- there are not doors or a roof to protect riders from from an impact, for instance. Additionally, their smaller size could make them more difficult to see, making it necessary for drivers of more traditional vehicles to remain vigilant at all times to ensure that there are no motorcyclists in an area. This fatal accident has now left a family in California grieving the unexpected death of their loved one. In addition to their grief, they may also suffer financially as a result of funeral expenses and lost wages. To help cope, many turn to the civil court for relief; a successfully presented wrongful death lawsuit could result in a financial award that will ensure they are able to meet their financial obligations, allowing them to focus on their overall recovery.

Source: fox40.com, "Motorcyclist Dies in Suspected DUI Crash on Watt Avenue", Katelyn Stark, March 25, 2018

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