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In many parts of California, the climate is perfect for motorcyclists year round. Unfortunately, there are often dangers that motorcyclists face that users of more traditional motor vehicles do not. In fact, it's no secret that the majority of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a large majority of motorcycle crashes -- 80 percent -- result in a fatality or serious injury. Motorcycles have many advantages due to their maneuverability, ability to swerve and stop quickly. However, their small size means they are more difficult to see and less stable than traditional vehicles with four wheels. They also lack roofs, door beams, seat belts and air bags -- devices that protect those traveling in a car, truck or van.

Motorcyclists are often at risk for ejection if a motorcycle comes to a sudden stop. In addition to an injury due to the force of striking the ground, motorcyclists and their passengers also face risk of injury from striking objects in their path. While helmets provide some protection, they only do so if they are properly designed.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents that result in serious injury can also cause significant financial harm to victims; medical expenses can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, injured motorcyclists in California may also be unable to work while they recover. Those injured as a result of another's negligence do have options. A successfully presented lawsuit could result in a financial award. Knowing that they will be able to meet their financial obligations while they are recovering can help significantly reduce the stress that many victims experience.

Source: one.nhtsa.com, "The Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash", March 22, 2018

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