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Highway hazards are not always obvious, and you may come upon a dangerous situation without warning.

As a motorcycle rider, you can never drop your guard. Negligence that results in unsafe conditions is the cause of many motorcycle crashes, and a wreck does not have to involve another vehicle.

A crash during Bike Week

A motorcycle crash in South Carolina during Bike Week in 2017 illustrates how negligence can quickly turn a good ride into an emergency situation. reports that a motorcycle rider who was participating in Bike Week was following what he assumed were proper signs for a bike loop, but the road suddenly turned from pavement to dirt. As a result, the rider fell and sustained serious injuries. Subsequently, he filed a lawsuit for negligence against the county as well as two state agencies, and litigation is still pending.

Dangerous conditions

A public entity or construction company that is responsible for a highway worksite, a bike loop during an event or any other circumstance involving traffic has a duty to keep drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians safe. That would include posting adequate warning signs in construction zones or near obstructions such as cement spills or hazards such as potholes. It would also require clearing away construction debris such as gravel left on the roadway.

Conducting an investigation

Even if you remain very alert while riding your bike, you may not be able to avoid the dangerous circumstances you encounter. If you are a motorcycle rider who suffers an injury due to negligence that results in unsafe driving conditions, you can reach out for legal assistance. Your attorney will visit the accident scene, collect evidence and take photographs in order to examine all the factors involved in the crash. In fact, an attorney who is also a motorcyclist will understand how best to approach your case so as to arrive at the most favorable outcome. Negligence that causes a motorcycle accident can be—and should be—prevented.