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There are a variety of different reasons why a person in California might choose to use a motorcycle as a form of transportation. Regardless of the reason, motorcyclists face unique concerns that could ultimately result in motorcycle accidents with serious consequences. This can include negligence of other drivers, poor roadways and defective equipment.

However, there are safeguards in place to protect motorcyclists from manufacturing issues. Motorcycle manufacturers, as well as other types of other manufacturers, are required to issue a recall if a defect is discovered. As part of the recall, the manufacturer is required to fix the issues for free. A recall can also be issued the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When the need for a recall arises, the manufacturer is required to issue a report to the public. This report must provide a variety of information. In addition to describing the vehicle involved and the safety hazards associated with the recall and how it fails to comply with standards, the report must also detail what events led to the recall and how the issues can be fixed. The manufacturer must also notify all owners, which includes merging DMV records with records of sales.

Despite the requirements by law, some manufacturers may opt to ignore a problem or place profit over the lives of those who use their products. Motorcycle accidents can occur as a result of a manufacturer's negligence in identifying a safety issue and taking appropriate action. Fortunately, victims of such accidents in California have the option of taking legal action as a result. An attorney with experience with such cases can help them fully understand their options and take appropriate action.

Source: motorbikewriter.com, "The Logistics Of Motorcycle Defects And Recalls", Mark Hinchliffe, March 1, 2018

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