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California police seek driver involved in fatal accident

It is easy to make mistakes sometimes, especially when driving. However, when a driver in California is involved in an accident, he or she is required by law to remain at the scene. Unfortunately, police say that the driver they believe was involved in a recent fatal accident fled the scene on foot; they were still working to take that person into custody in the days following the crash.

Risk of injury or death higher in motorcycle accidents

People in California have a variety of different options for transportation, some that come with more risk than others. Unfortunately, those involved in motorcycle accidents could face a higher risk of injury or death when compared to those riding in a traditional passenger vehicle. Knowing their legal rights can help motorcyclists and their families appropriately respond to the aftermath of such an accident.

Bicycle accidents: Fatigue factor in fatal California crash

Most drivers in California are aware of many actions that could potentially result in a serious accident. As a result, they avoid drinking before driving and make an attempt to obey all traffic laws, for example. Unfortunately, some people may overlook the potential harm that driving while fatigued can cause, especially when doing so results in bicycle accidents.

California motorcycle accidents: Rider struck by SUV, injured

There are many dangers that motorcyclists inherently face. Often, riders are aware of these dangers, such as that their smaller size may make them more difficult to see, and can take appropriate action in response. However, some actions of other drivers in California roadways are difficult to anticipate, making it impossible to avoid some motorcycle accidents.

What to do after California motorcycle accidents

Many people who are involved in a motor vehicle accident in California are often unsure how to respond in the aftermath. Often, victims suffer serious injuries that require a lengthy recovery, especially in the case of bicycle and motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at A.G. Assanti & Associates, PC are familiar with these type of accidents and can help victims understand their rights and options.

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