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A motorcycle accident is a traumatic event, as one survivor can tell you. On an otherwise quiet spring day in 2015, this rider was involved in a head-on crash on a mountain road.

You may feel perfectly safe and at ease in an area where there are very few vehicles on the road, but the accident survivor warns that as a motorcycle rider, you must always be aware.

Tangling with a fire truck

Jesse Lopez says he was going around a curve on a mountain road in the Angeles National Forest when an oncoming fire truck suddenly appeared. The motorcycle and the truck collided head on, and Mr. Lopez was thrown to the ground. Under those circumstances, the best news was probably about the kind of vehicle and occupants involved: The fire crew went into action immediately, called for a helicopter and saw the unconscious motorcyclist air-lifted to a hospital.

Serious injuries

Injuries in a motorcycle crash can be severe. A rider is vulnerable. He or she does not have the protection of a vehicle’s steel framework, for example, and therefore will usually sustain the worst injuries in a collision, including serious brain trauma and spinal cord damage. Mr. Lopez suffered compound fractures in his left leg and a broken right arm. In addition, he reported having no memory of the crash itself. He had been wearing a GoPro camera on his head; consequently, the horrific crash was recorded and is available online.

A warning to others

Mr. Lopez, who was 24 years old at the time of the crash, implored other riders to be alert. “Be more cautious when riding,” he said. “Don’t do what I did.” While it appears that he was at fault for the crash, the news report did not provide any details other than the little that Mr. Lopez remembers, although that is incomplete. Motorcyclists should always exercise caution, but there are many causes of motorcycle accidents, and every rider has rights, even if his or her actions contribute to a crash.