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If you are a motorcycle rider, you understand that safety is a paramount concern. Fortunately, designers and manufacturers understand that, too.

Here are six interesting innovations in both motorcycle wearing apparel and in the motorcycles themselves to help you stay safe on the road.

1. State-of-the-art helmets

If the design of your helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation, you have the best protection for your head. However, there are even more improvements available, including GPS systems and cameras built in to provide you with a rear view.

2. Airbag apparel

You know all about airbags for vehicles. Now these inflatables are available for motorcyclists; they are disguised as vests or jackets with sensors. In the event of a motorcycle crash, an airbag in the garment will deploy, protecting the chest area along with vital organs.

3. Smart gloves

Innovations such as Bluetooth connectivity have found their way into motorcycle gloves. You only have to touch certain points on the gloves to control your GPS and smartphone functions—but only when your bike is not in motion.

4. Exploring antilock brakes

Antilock brakes have long been used in four-wheeled vehicles, but manufacturers are now coming up with this feature for use on motorcycles. In Europe, antilock brakes are now mandatory on all motorcycles over 125cc.

5. Improved stability

Many crashes occur when the rider accelerates too much or brakes too quickly while going around a curve. Now you can find motorcycles with stability control systems. This is technology at work; the systems analyze traction and lean-angle data so that the rider has the correct amount of power to brake or accelerate when rounding a curve.

6. One more wheel

As the age of motorcycle riders increases, there are ongoing requests for one more wheel. The snappy-looking, three-wheeled motorcycles available today provide added stability and balance, which translates into greater safety—and safety is always top of mind for every motorcycle rider.