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Many people who are involved in a motor vehicle accident in California are often unsure how to respond in the aftermath. Often, victims suffer serious injuries that require a lengthy recovery, especially in the case of bicycle and motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at A.G. Assanti & Associates, PC are familiar with these type of accidents and can help victims understand their rights and options.

Following an accident, there are certain steps that could potentially help in the future. Often, accident victims chose to pursue legal action against the parties deemed responsible. The first step is to contact police.

The next steps deal with preserving any evidence. This includes taking photographs of your bike and the accident scene if possible, obtaining information from those involved and witnesses, and keeping all clothing worn at the time of the accident. We can even store your bicycle or motorcycle as evidence at our law firm. Those with experience with these accidents  will examine all the evidence related to an accident to bolster claims of negligence.

Our founding member is the only personal injury attorney in the United States who has experience with professional racing. This experience, in combination with 20 years of legal experience working on behalf of victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents, have prepared him to help those injured in such accidents in California . Our law firm is committed to helping those suffering as a result of another's negligence seek the justice they deserve, ensuring that they have the financial means to cope with the consequences of their injuries.

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