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AAA describes fatal accident increase in '100 Deadliest Days'

People traveling on California roads during the summer may notice an increase in traffic. For many, summer is a time of travel and vacation with family as children are out of school. However, people going on vacation are not the only reason why there may be more traffic -- since teenage drivers are out of school, they may be on the roads more and keeping later hours, potentially leading to what AAA has termed the "100 Deadliest Days" due to a fatal accident and/or serious injury increase.

California sheriff's department investigates motorcycle accident

People in California may often underestimate the importance of traffic signs, especially stop signs. Drivers must not only come to a stop but also determine that the way is clear before proceeding. Unfortunately, a man recently suffered critical injuries in a motorcycle accident that happened at an intersection involving a stop sign.

Police search for driver following California motorcycle accident

With today's technology, it is almost impossible to remain anonymous for an extended period of time. When a person commits a crime -- or is suspected of committing one -- police are often able to quickly locate him or her. In fact, police in California are currently searching for a driver they say was involved in a motorcycle accident.

New motorcyclists can use tips for safe highway riding

If you have just bought your first motorcycle, you have probably been trying it out by riding around the neighborhood before taking your pride and joy out on a quiet, two-lane road. Once you develop some confidence, your next goal is likely to tackle highway riding. Here are some tips that will make your first highway ride safer and easier:

Man suffers serious injuries in California motorcycle accident

Many drivers in California are aware that it is sometimes more difficult to see motorcycles because of their smaller size. This can be especially true at night when there is reduced visibility. As a result, drivers of more traditional motor vehicles must be aware of the potential for motorcycles to be in the area. Unfortunately, a man is said to have suffered serious injuries as a result of a recent motorcycle accident.

Marijuana use suggested in California fatal accident

Due to a variety of different factors, motorcycles are often more difficult to see. When these inherent risks are combined with drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the risks for motorcyclists can become even higher. In fact, police in California say that a recent fatal accident was caused by a driver who was under the influence of marijuana.

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