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People traveling on California roads during the summer may notice an increase in traffic. For many, summer is a time of travel and vacation with family as children are out of school. However, people going on vacation are not the only reason why there may be more traffic -- since teenage drivers are out of school, they may be on the roads more and keeping later hours, potentially leading to what AAA has termed the "100 Deadliest Days" due to a fatal accident and/or serious injury increase.

The period involved in the "100 Deadliest Days" involves the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. AAA claims that there is a nationwide increase in the number of crashes involving teenagers during that timeframe. While parents are likely rightly concerned with the safety of their children, others on the roadways have reason to be concerned as well. AAA reports that the majority of people injured or killed in accidents caused by teen drivers are victims other than the teen driver.

Parents and teens alike can take measures to prevent such accidents. A representative for AAA claims that it is important to reduce the number of distractions in the vehicle, which includes reminding teenagers about the dangers of texting while driving and warning against having extra friends in the vehcile. In fact, the representative claims, having a teenager driver sign a contract may be beneficial.

Unfortunately, if a fatal accident does occur -- which can be especially likely for motorcyclists as their smaller size makes them more difficult to see and they lack physical protections that more traditional motor vehicles have -- surviving family members are left to cope with the emotional and financial consequences of their loss. Because both can be devastating, some California families opt to file a wrongful death lawsuit if it is determined that such a loss was the result of another's negligence. An attorney with experience with such cases can help these families take the appropriate action against all parties deemed responsible.

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