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Motorcycle accidents: California police search for truck driver

Traffic in major cities can be challenging at various times throughout the day, particularly during morning and evening rush hours. As such, all drivers must remain vigilant and drive defensively at all times, especially motorcyclists who could find themselves victims of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, a man has recently lost his life in an accident involving a tractor-trailer.

Fatal accident causes closure of California freeway

Under the best of circumstances, motorcyclists often face additional risks in comparison to more traditional motorists. Because of their smaller sizes, they may be more difficult to see, for example. Additionally, if a collision between a car or truck and a motorcycle occurs, motorcyclists have little to no physical barriers to protect them from impact. Unfortunately, officials in California are currently investigating a fatal accident involving a motorcycle.

California motorcycle accidents: GM settles self-driving suit

Technology has allowed new and innovative products that were not feasible two decades ago. Though these advances may seem spectacular, they also often create important safety questions, such as whether self-driving vehicles are safe. For example, self-driving vehicles may create safety hazards, especially regarding motorcycle accidents. In fact, GM has recently settled a lawsuit filed by a California motorcyclist.

Reports speculate on rate of California motorcycle accidents

There are a variety of people in California who choose a motorcycle as their primary method of transportation. The overall climate of the state makes it suitable for motorcycle travel for an extended period of time. However, some people speculate that this could also be one of several factors contributing to the number of motorcycle accidents in the state.

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