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Technology has allowed new and innovative products that were not feasible two decades ago. Though these advances may seem spectacular, they also often create important safety questions, such as whether self-driving vehicles are safe. For example, self-driving vehicles may create safety hazards, especially regarding motorcycle accidents. In fact, GM has recently settled a lawsuit filed by a California motorcyclist.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit claims that he was injured by a self-driven vehicle on a California roadway. Reports indicate that both the car and the motorcycle were on a one-way three-lane road. According to reports, the car initiated a lane change from the center lane into the left lane between two vehicles. Before the lane change could be completed, however, the car reportedly realized that the gap had become smaller, causing the car to move back into the middle lane.

However, a man on the motorcycle was already in the lane. The two collided, causing the motorcyclist to fall from the bike. He claims that he suffered injuries to his neck and shoulder that required him to take disability leave from work. Though GM initially argued that the man was lane-splitting at the time and moved into the middle lane before it was safe to do so, the company opted to settle the lawsuit.

This accident -- which occurred while the car and the motorcycle were traveling at 12 and 17 mph, respectively -- shows the dangers that face motorcyclists everyday on California highways. Even motorcycle accidents that would likely barely result in damage if it involved two traditional motor vehicles can result in serious injuries for riders. As a result, victims may face significant financial ramifications as they seek treatment. When these accidents are caused by another's negligence, some victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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