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2 injured in California motorcycle accident

Most drivers in California are aware of the importance of driving safely. Unfortunately, something as simple as drifting into another lane of traffic can often result in an accident with injuries that will have lifelong consequences. In fact, police report that two people were recently injured in a motorcycle accident.

Liability in California bicycle accidents

People in California have many options regarding traveling from point to point. Because traveling by bicycle is often cheaper and better for the environment, many choose to travel by this method. Unfortunately, bicyclists often face additional hazards, especially since they have little physical protection when involved in bicycle accidents.

California motorcycle accident sends man to hospital

For people who spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of a vehicle -- which is, unfortunately, the reality for many people living in California -- there are many things that may be taken for granted. For example, it may be easy to overlook the importance of traffic lights or the potential ramifications of driving while under the influence. Unfortunately, police believe that alcohol may have contributed to a recent motorcycle accident that sent a man to the hospital.

Victim airlifted after California motorcycle accident

There are a variety of different hazards that motorcyclists face. In fact, because of their smaller size, they may be more difficult to see if proper vigilance is not shown. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident shows the potential harm that motorcyclists face as they travel California roadways.

California woman questioned in fatal accident

There are many obstacles that motorcyclists in California and across the country face. In addition to being aware of road conditions that would not phase drivers of more traditional vehicles, the smaller size of motorcycles can make them more difficult to see if other drivers are not vigilant. Unfortunately, investigators are still working to determine the exact cause of a recent fatal accident involving a motorcycle.

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