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For people who spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of a vehicle -- which is, unfortunately, the reality for many people living in California -- there are many things that may be taken for granted. For example, it may be easy to overlook the importance of traffic lights or the potential ramifications of driving while under the influence. Unfortunately, police believe that alcohol may have contributed to a recent motorcycle accident that sent a man to the hospital.

The incident happened just after 7:30 p.m. on a day in August. The accident is said to have involved a 33-year-old driver in a passenger vehicle. The driver reportedly failed to stop at a westbound light.

Police claim that, as a result, the passenger vehicle struck a northbound motorcycle. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones and a separated shoulder; however, he is expected to survive. The driver of the passenger vehicle was not injured but was transported to the hospital so that a blood draw could be performed. He was then taken to jail where he was booked, suspected of felony DUI.

What may seem like a relatively insignificant decision by some could ultimately end up having significant ramifications for others. For example, a driver who is under the influence of alcohol could cause a motorcycle accident that will leave someone facing a lengthy recovery, potentially unable to work. As such, some victims in California feel that they have no other option than to pursue damages against the parties deemed responsible if their injuries were the result of another person's negligence.  

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