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People in California have many options regarding traveling from point to point. Because traveling by bicycle is often cheaper and better for the environment, many choose to travel by this method. Unfortunately, bicyclists often face additional hazards, especially since they have little physical protection when involved in bicycle accidents.

Unfortunately, the consequences of an accident can create serious financial implications for victims. An injured cyclist may need lifelong medical treatment while accidents that result in a fatality can create both emotional and financial burdens for surviving family members. As such, many victims choose to file a civil lawsuit against the parties deemed responsible.

Two questions must be addressed when a lawsuit over a bicycle accident occurs. First, the question of whether negligence on the part of the driver contributed to the accident must be addressed. Additionally, whether negligence on the part of the cyclist contributed is answered. In the case in which a driver is convicted for a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, "negligence per se" occurs. In this scenario, a defendant must then prove that he or she did not cause the plaintiff's injuries.

Laws governing how such cases are addressed vary by state. As such, victims of bicycle accidents in California want someone on their side who is familiar and experienced with state laws regarding such accidents. Often, a successfully presented case can ensure that these victims have the necessary resources to cope with the consequences of their injuries, including financial complications created by lost wages and medical costs.

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