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There are a variety of different hazards that motorcyclists face. In fact, because of their smaller size, they may be more difficult to see if proper vigilance is not shown. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident shows the potential harm that motorcyclists face as they travel California roadways.

The accident happened around 5:30 p.m. on a day in early August. According to reports, a male motorcyclist was headed westbound when a vehicle driven by an elderly man attempted a left turn into the path of the motorcycle. The two collided as a result.

A witness claims that the motorcyclist was thrown approximately 30-40 feet after he was ejected from the motorcycle. Though the passenger claims that the rider appeared to have significant injuries, she reports that he was cognizant enough to request that someone contact his mother. He was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The elderly driver said to have been involved was not injured.

Often when people are involved in a motorcycle accident, they often suffer serious injuries that require significant medical interventions and a lengthy recovery period. In many cases, these injuries lead to financial burdens that many victims feel unprepared to face. However, if they can prove that their injuries were caused by a negligent California driver, they could receive a monetary award that would leave them in a better position to cope with the financial consequences of their injuries. An experienced attorney can help these victims fully understand their legal options, potentially including filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.

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