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Most drivers of traditional motor vehicles have come across a bicyclist while driving. While some people may view these cyclists as nuisance to move around, that attitude could lead to serious bicycle accidents. Bicyclists have the same right to the roadway as other users, and failing to take proper precautions when a cyclist is in the area could have catastrophic consequences in California and across the country.

Accidents can happen when drivers do not recognize the rights of cyclists. Because of the lack of protection that cyclists have, they could face a serious injury, requiring a significant amount of medical interventions. The founding attorney at A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C. is also a cyclist, ensuring he fully understands the obstacles that cyclists face.

This experience allows our firm to understand that each victim has a different recovery experience.  There are measures that a cyclist can take to protect him or herself. However, accidents are often caused by drivers of motor vehicles who merge into bicycle lanes, motorists who turn into the path of a bicyclist and motorists who open car doors into a bicyclist's path.

Our team is dedicated to helping victims of bicycle accidents. If their injuries were caused by the negligence of a California motorist, we can explain their legal rights and options, guiding them throughout the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the parties deemed responsible. Often an initial consultation is the first step to ensuring that victims have access to the care they need following an accident.

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